2nd         AHS                 Granny Locke’s to the Royal Oak                                                                                                          Chris Jackson

3rd         HH&FS             AGM followed by Here Comes the Circus!                                                                                            Ned Williams

4th          MFHS              My Churchley Family

4th          HHG                 River Severn and the Camp Inn, Grimley                                                                                                 Joy Fulcher

7th          KHS          Pollution and Industry: Visual and Written Perceptions in the 18th and 19th Centuries     11.00 a.m. Dr. Malcolm Dick

                                                                                                                      Richard Churchley

9th          RHS                  A walk around Redditch using old postcards: Looking at the areas off the main road                     Chris Jackson

9th          WCHS              The World of a Wildlife Ranger                                                                                                                Phil Rudlin

11th         A&DLHS          What did you do in the War, Dad?                                                                                            Alistair Russell Price

17th         MA/s                How we lived then – Life in a 17th Century Farmhouse                                                                        Mary Bodfish

17th         WLHG              Villages of Vision – the planning and creation of rural villages in the 18C                                                  Jim Low

17th         BSLHG             Sentenced to Beyond The Seas                                                                                                                David Clark

18th         CCLHS             Prince Rupert of The Rhine: King Charles I’s Pirate Prince                                                                       Max Keen

23rd         WCHS              A Film of Dowles Manor

24th         RHHS               Frances Brett Young – The Island – a history of the British Isles from their geological formation

                                         to the Battle of Britain                                                                                                                           Michael Hall

24th         WFHRG            Hubble, Bubble…. Witchcraft in Worcestershire                                                                              Douglas Smith

26th         KHS                  Hampton Lovett Church: Revealing Community that helped shape a Nation                                      Jerry Hartley

26th         OHG                 Meet the Ancestors, Stone Age to Iron Age                                                                                           Rob Hedge

26th         VEHS               Castle at Elmley: its History                                                                                                                  David Phillips