1st           MFHS              Birmingham’s back-to-backs                                                                                              Pam and David Humphries

6th          AHS                 The Power of Balance: W & T Avery in the First World War                                                           Andrew Lound

7th          HH&FS             The Sweet Life in Bournville                                                                                                                      Bob Booth

8th          A&DLHS          Medieval England and the Arrival of the Black Death                                                                           Ron Gallivan

9th          KHS                  Harvington Hall: Discover The House of Secrets                                                                                 Phil Downing

11th         WLHG              The history of The Chantry School, Martley (at Martley Village Hall)                                         Heather Rendall

13th        RHS                  From Common  to Posh: The History of Church Green to 1900                                                         Graham Smith

13th        WCHS              Sir Francis Drake                                                                                                                                         Max Keen

15th         CCLHS             Christmas Songs Through the Ages: from Boar’s Head to Bing Crosby                                     Richard Churchley

21st        MA/s                Social Evening

21st          BSLHG             Stained Glass Windows of A J Davies of The Bromsgrove Guild                                                            Roy Albutt

22nd        HHG                 Harvington Hall                                                                                                                                        Phil Downing

23rd         KHS                  The Last Explorer: the amazing life of Sir Hubert Wilkins                                                               Alan Godfrey

27th         WCHS              Members’ Research Presentations

28th         RHHS               But I can’t tap dance – a light-hearted  and anecdotal look at the life of a

                                         21st Century actress                                                                                                                            Jennifer Rigby

28th       WFHRG            Demolition and Rescue……The Story of Avoncroft Museum                                                         A Representative

30th         VEHS               Folklore and Folksongs of the West Midlands                                                                             Richard Churchley