1st            AHS                 Constabulary Tales: My Early Years in the Police                                                                               Alan Benjamin

2nd         HH&FS             A Social Evening

3rd         MFHS              Worcestershire Remembered: 19th Century city and rural life                                                              Ray Sturdy

9th          MA/b               The Role of Women in the Glass Industry                                                                                               Kate Round

10th         A&DLHS          How the Stagecoach Transformed the Area around Alcester                                          John Butterworth MBE

15th         BrHS                AGM followed by Sunnyside, Broadway, and Axel Munthe                                                  Christopher Hotten

15th         RHS                  Winterbourne House and Garden, Edgbaston                                                             Henrietta Lockhart, Curator

16th         MA/s                Visit to The Hive at Worcester

16th         WLHG              Humble Homes – the houses of ordinary people                                                                          Richard Churchley

17th         CCLHS             A River Runs Through it – A Historical Journey from Arley to Stourport                                    Richard Perrin

18th         WCivS              The Story of Worcester City Football Club                                                                                            Julian Pugh

22nd        WCHS              Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?                                                                                                          Kathy Deakin

23rd         RHHS               AGM   Speaker to be arranged

23rd         WFHRG            Humble Homes                                                                                                                       Richard Churchley

25th         VEHS               King Henry V and Agincourt – England’s greatest three hours?                                                         Max Keen