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3rd       HHFS          An introduction to Archives,                                                                             Rachel Brown

4th       MFHS          Sentenced to beyond the seas,                                                                         David Clarke

4th       DHAS          Building Medieval Cathedrals,                                                                            Keith Cattell

5th       PHHS          AGM followed by The Real ‘Silent Witness’,                                                     Helen Whitwell

9th       WCHS         Managing parks for people and wildlife,                                                       Edward Andrews

10th      FFHS           Staffordshire Churches: WEBHEATH,                                                                Tim Bridges

13th      WIA&LHS     50 Worcester Buildings,                                                                                     James Dinn

16th      BrHS           Broadway’s National Schools: a first-hand account from Isaac Averill               Elizabeth Eyre

16th      C&BHS        Worcestershire Worthies                                                                               Anthony Collis

17th      BSLHG        821 years of Bromsgrove Court, Leet                                                              Neil Beaumont

17th      LHLHS         How radar came to Malvern,                                                                          David Whitaker

18th      WLHG          The Baldwins of Worcestershire,                                                                         Geoff Shaw

19th      HHS            History of Dudley Castle 1071-1932,                                                                     Max Keen

24th      WFHRG       History of the Acme Whistle,                                                                          Simon Topham

24th      RHHS          The English Civil War in the areas around Dudley and Halesowen,               Margaret Bradley

26th      VEHS          Canal history and heritage,                                                                                Roger Butler

27th      WyHS          Chadwick Manor,                                                                                     George Gascoyne

27th      THVS           The Early History of Ripple,                                                                              Robina Rand

27th      MMLH          Environmental History of the Malverns,                                                           Richard Bryant

28th      MA/s           A yeoman trooper with Laurence of Arabia – 2.30pm,                                Janet Byard-Jones

30th      WAS            A meeting of Minds – Rural Like in mediaeval England,                 Ben Jervis & Alice Forward