3rd         WAS                The Soho Manufactory, Mint and Foundry, West Midlands: historical research and

                                         Archaeological  investigations                                                                                                    George Demidowicz

3rd         AHS                 History of Redditch – Part 1, The Early Area                                                                                   Anthony Green

4th          HH&FS             The Black Country from the Air                                                                                           Keith Hodgkins

5th           DHAS               AGM, then Priory House – An Architectural Gem                                                                             Lyn Blewitt

5th           MFHS              My favourite photograph  or how they were identified                                                                             Members

12th        A&DLHS          The Man who put Roman Alcester on the Map                                          Laurence Thatcher and Trevor Wraight

17th         BrHS                Prince Rupert of the Rhine, King Charles’s “Pirate Prince”                                                                 Max Keen

17th         RHS                  AGM plus local history films                                                                                                         Society Executive

18th        LHLHS             The Tudor Bishops of Worcester: saints, sinners, heretics, refugees, Italians, prisoners                Philip Bowen

18th         MA/s                A ‘virtual’ tour of Dudley’s graveyards and their fascinating stories                                              Craig Denston

19th         CCLHS             A Land Army Life                                                                                                                                 Robin Hill

22nd        WIA&LHS       WIALHS host the AIA Regional Conference (Saturday, all day, at the Worcestershire Cricket Club, New Road)

24th         WAS                The BERKELEY LECTURE    New research on the Atlantic Slave Trade & Abolition in the late 18th

                                         and early 19th centuries                                                                                                                  Suzanne Schwarz   

25th         RHHS               Halesowen and the Nail Trade                                                                                                            Julian Hunt

25th         WFHRG            Hereward the Wake                                                                                                                              Max Keen

27th         VEHS               Florence Nightingale and the Malvern water cure                                                                            Cora Weaver