Worcestershire Local History Forum was established in 1994 to co-ordinate the variety of research, publications, lectures, conferences, exhibitions and other interests in the history of Worcestershire.

We circulate news of events happening in the county and, from time to time, hold our own events, so please explore the website to find out what’s going on in our county.

Our members are a mixture of organisations and individuals who all share a lively interest in the history of our county. If you or your group is not already a member, please join us and help promote Worcestershire’s history and heritage.


The heart of the site are the “posts” which bring you up-to-date news of what’s happening across the county, please visit the “New Posts” page.

Most importantly, please send us your news to publish.


To meet its aims, the Worcestershire Local History Forum publishes various documents relating to the history and heritage of the county.

There is also a Speakers’ Directory.


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