The Worcestershire Local History Forum (WLHF) was created with the primary aim of promoting and coordinating organisations who are concerned in the history of Worcestershire, and adjacent areas with the same interests.

Our members are a mixture of societies, groups and individuals who all share a lively interest in the history of our county and one of our most important activities is to produce an up-to-date listing of our member organisations.

The listing is designed with a standard format, which includes the abbreviation used in WOIW, but obviously where data is not available it is not listed. However, if you have additional information which you would like to add, please do not hesitate the News Editor (see Contact Us).

We have approximately fifty member groups and so, rather than have a lengthy list to search, the list has been split into four alphabetic groups.

Please click on the following buttons to go to the appropriate alphabetical group listing……