List of Members – Update Requests

The members of the Worcestershire Local History Forum (WLHF) are a mixture of societies, groups and individuals who all share a lively interest in the history of our county and one of our most important activities is to produce an up-to-date listing of our member organisations.

As we have more than forty member groups the list has been split into four alphabetic groups, to make searching easier.

Our listing of members is based on a standard format, which includes the abbreviation used in WOIW, venue, meeting frequency and time, membership details and visitor costs, contact details and website address.

Our current listing has been reviewed and has been based on our current listing available with our WOIW publication.

However, not all information is available, and we are trying to update this.

Can those responsible for their Society/Group details please review the details and let us know if there are any additions or modifications which you would like to add.

If you have changes/additions which you wish to make, you can contact us at or you can contact me, the website administrator, directly at

Anthony (Tony) Green – Website Administrator