This page has links to various administrative actions concerning the Worcestershire Local History Forum.

There are various links which cover items such as how to contact us, the aims of the Forum, how we treat the privacy of visitors to our site, the membership of our organising committee and a link to our Facebook page.

Depending on your interests, parts may seem a bit boring and other parts may be of interest.

However, all of this is important and so, we have………….

If you have enquiries concerning membership, issues related to membership or if you, or your organisation are interested in joining the WLHF please feel free to contact us.

The WLHF aims are to support the organisations involved in promoting the history of the region. A listing of the aims can be found here.

You will find our privacy agreement here.

The WLHF has a representative committee elected by the member groups. The committee members of the Forum can be found here,

As well as the News page, regular updates to the WLHF societies’ activities can be found on FACEBOOK The page is maintained by the Website Administrator and any input is appreciated.